Our combined expertise and knowledge span over 40 years in the area of case management. We are all currently working with people in situations similar to yours to support them in all areas of their life.
Our services are available in all counties of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Feel free to contact any of us for a conversation about how case management services could support you in living the life you want to live.
Care Team

Managing Care Teams

This includes, monitoring care provided by an agency and/or directly employed care packages where we work with the care and support teams, to ensure a high-quality delivery of care and address any issues as they arise.


Overseeing the purchase of Equipment

People spend hundreds often thousands of pounds or euro’s on equipment to make life easier and to give people, especially children, the opportunity of being independent. Often this equipment has a life changing impact and sadly sometimes people spend lots of money on equipment that is just not appropriate for the person. We help you source and choose the equipment that will work best for you, and organise trials of same in advance of purchase where possible.

Disabled Toilet House

Overseeing Adaptations

Regular meetings with Architects, families and specialist builders. We work in partnership with others to ensure the Client’s needs are met and we monitor funding and appropriateness of provisions for the person and their Carers and family.



We work in partnership with statutory services and source a wide range of private therapists, such as Occupational Therapists, Speech & Language Therapists, Physiotherapists, Postural Physiotherapists, Music Therapists, Play Therapists, Private Tutors, Assistive Technology Consultants, IT Consultants and we can help you link in with charity organisations to support your care and coordinate therapy input.



The Case Manager will communicate with all parties and act as a bridge between the legal and insurance representatives including Wards of Court, the Decision Support Service (ROI) and the Court of Protection Deputies (NI) on the Client’s case ensuring everyone understands the rehabilitation process. The Case Manager will support the Client’s understanding of the litigation process and the different stages and seek to manage the impact on the Client.


Support Decision Making, Best Interest Decision and Safe Guarding

As Case Managers one of our key roles is advocacy for the Client. We are well versed in best interest/supported decision-making processes and often take the lead in developing a multi-agency plan for safeguarding. We are skilled in crisis management and are a responsive service who act immediately to ensure client safety and to develop robust plans to reduce the possibility of exploitation of vulnerable people.

Disabled Communication


The Case Manager links with the education providers for clients that have customised education needs. That can include environmental requirements like how to get into a physical building and use the facilities therein, to what hardware, software packages or support from another person is needed.

Case managers can contribute to the writing of education health care plans ( EHCP) and educational needs plan and link in with the National Council for Special Education in the Republic of Ireland to ensure the Special Needs Assistant employed has the necessary assistive technology experience, for example in the care of a child who is non-verbal.

We can also source supported Summer Camps for children with additional needs.

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As Case Managers, we are passionate about promoting our client’s independence. We advocate for full inclusion and access to their communities for leisure, voluntary work, and paid employment.
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